Invitation to ‘Kanayamachi Rakuichi in Samanoko’

(Arts and Crafts Event in Kanayamachi, Town of Vertical Lattices)

‘Kanaya Machi Rakuichi in Samanoko’ is an event held in Kanayamachi town, the birthplace of Takaoka traditional casting that goes back 400 years. The townscape of Kanayamachi is characteristic of beautiful vertical lattices(samanoko in Japanese)which have been maintained since the Edo period. In this event, the town is designed as a museum, where manufactured art works or craft products are displayed and sold. There will be a special program, in which you can wear kimono, and enjoy yourself at a tea ceremony with craft works, so as to touch the essence of Japanese craft making. A workshop of basic casting will be held, too. This is the best opportunity to experience Japanese culture that is being lost in large cities. We really hope you will come along.

Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 Saturday, September 23, 2017 10:00 − 17:00 Sunday, September 24, 2017

Venue: Kanayamachi, Takaoka, Toyama (No postponement for rain)

Admission Fee: Free



Tea Ceremony

It is divided into three types, from the authentic ceremony in which you can enjoy a formal vegetarian dish (shojin ryori) to the one for beginners.


Kimono Street

A kimono rental and fitting service is available at a reasonable price.

A professional photographer will take a picture of you wearing kimono. The picture will be developed into a card as a gift for you. (Free)

KANAYA Collection

Fashion Show designed by university students. You can enjoy watching two styles of fitting, traditional and modernized.


Access to Kanayamachi

To Takaoka, Toyama

There is no event parking in Kanayamachi.

Please use the free parking at Takaoka City Hall.

Shuttle bus (Free)

It makes a round trip between City Hall Free Parking and Kanayamachi via Takaoka Station.

Bicycle rental

You can rent a bicycle at rental cycle station of Takaoka Station tourist office and 9 other locations.


Please proceed straight Suehiro road, a street with a tramway, from JR Takaoka Station Kojo-Koen Exit (North Exit). At the next signal across the Senbo river with a phoenix image on the bridge is the cobbled street of the venue.

▲ Pege Top



Display and Sale of Craft Works

From traditional Takaoka metal works down, craft works such as urushi-lacquer or ceramic wares will be displayed and sold.


Craft Workshops

*You cannot wear kimono at workshops.

Casting Workshop

at Casting workshop “Risaburo“

Metal Carving Workshop (2016)

Glass Bead Workshop

Toy Drum Workshop (2016)



Commercial employment Division, Takaoka City


Hirokouji, Takaoka



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